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  • With the right tools, you can become the designer and creator of a life you are proud of.   
  • A well-designed plan will be like a GPS for your life goals.
  • To keep an open mind when it comes to creating the change you desire.
  • That it's possible to overcome your fears of moving forward.      

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"As a result of working with Belinda, I discovered that there are openings in the universe for us to be more expansive as human beings, to come back to our true expression, and to be awe inspired by the love that we are."  M. Collins
"When it became clear to me that certain unhealthy patterns in my life were causing resentment, I sought out Belinda's help and guidance.  I was looking for tangible change and participation in the discovery of what parts of my story were not serving me.  Using effective tools, we were able to produce real and pronounced change.  This change not only positively impacts the most meaningful parts of my life but also makes me feel empowered, hopeful and unstuck."  M.D. MLPS, MN

"I received support, clarity and healing working with Belinda.  I was able to change my perspective into a more loving, compassionate "big picture" way.  I'm finding more joy and empowerment in my day to day life, on both a big and a small scale.  I now know that anything is possible if I use my voice, set clear intentions, and do the work.  Katie N.    
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