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Working with Belinda has been a transformative experience for me. I had done a lot of work on myself before and felt like I had hit a wall. Belinda went deeper to uncover old subconscious programs that were blocking me. Our sessions are powerful and I always feel a tremendous release. I’ve noticed that because of our work I have gained more self compassion for myself and others which has improved every relationship in my life. With Belinda’s help of finding and releasing these old programs that are no longer serving me, I have more energy and confidence to focus on and engage in activities that beforehand I felt too burnt out to pursue. I highly recommend working with Belinda! She is wise, skillful, funny and kind. She makes doing deep work a profound and pleasurable experience. 
Kate Foss, Life Coach and Millburn, NJ 

I was introduced to Belinda through a dear friend who called her a gifted spiritual mentor. I enjoyed hearing about the magic of their work and connection but hadn't been compelled to reach out myself until this year. When it became clear to me that certain unhealthy patterns I had developed in my relationships were causing resentment, I started to seek out help and guidance. It began with a few attempts at traditional talk therapy which proved to be harmless but ineffective. I was looking for tangible change and participation in the discovery of what parts of my story were not serving me. That is what I immediately found with Belinda in our first session. The way she helped me identify beliefs through conversation and questioning was both comforting and profound.
Our time connecting and sorting through my life themes is therapeutic in and of itself. But it's the work of unlocking and eliminating detrimental beliefs that produced real and pronounced change. This change not only positively impacts the most meaningful parts of my life but also makes me feel empowered, hopeful and unstuck. Belinda is the real deal. She is dedicated and passionate and clearly called to do this work. Finding her was a gift that will undoubtedly keep on giving.

Around my 45th birthday I began to realize that I was not a principle character in the story of my own life! I knew this wasn’t truly living. I understood that I was allowing other people and outside circumstances to dictate the choices I made.  I wanted a more meaningful life and nothing I tried was working.  I had almost given up hope of when I had a chance encounter with Belinda.  That chance meeting completely changed my life!   Here are just a few of the changes I experienced: 
• Able to accept myself for who I am  
• Able to set personal goals and successfully attain them
• No longer waste time sweating the small stuff
 Enjoy life more due to less worry, anxiety, fear 
• Aware of blessings, grateful not resentful
• Develop deeper, more meaningful relationships
• Happier, more relaxed outlook
• Life has meaning, no longer adrift
• No longer let other people define me

 Being with Belinda is like being with a long lost sister or best friend who totally gets you, sincerely wants the best for you and will do anything in her amazing and intuitive set of powers to heal you and help you achieve your goals. Being a part of Belinda Phillips’ life as a student, client or friends is a magical experience and who can’t benefit from some magic in their lives! Madilyn G, Warren, MI 

I am truly grateful that a friend referred me to Belinda Phillips.

My husband had passed away suddenly and I was having a very difficult time dealing with my grief, as well as trying to be there for my three teenage boys.

Belinda helped me to focus on what positive things I had in my life and to also honor my husband by allowing myself to feel the loss and cry when I needed to.
I also learned through working with her that there were experiences from my childhood that effected me and were holding me back from moving forward. She amazingly was able to change my beliefs which changed my life.

I was very fortunate to participate in two of Belinda's Theta Healing workshops when she traveled to NY. That too helped me to use what I learned to greatly enrich my everyday life.

I truly believe that no matter what you are going through, Belinda can help you!!!!!
Alice Santana
Brookhaven, NY

I have been working with Belinda for the last couple of months. I contacted Belinda because I thought she might be able to help me on my search – a search for my true passion / calling. After feeling that I’m on the wrong professional path for years, I decided to make a change and found myself stuck when having to decide what I should be doing next. 

By the time I met Belinda, I had been reading great resources and developing useful practices (yoga, meditation, journaling) to help me on my journey, but despite this I was making little progress on realizing my passion. Belinda helped me become conscious of my main psychological hang-ups (Belinda would call them “fears”) - by the end of our third session, I felt like I had been in therapy for months and was amazed at my self-awareness growth. 

Since then, with Belinda’s guidance, I have come closer to realizing what I would like to pursue and I am currently working on figuring out how to get there. If you find yourself stuck, consider reaching out to Belinda, she might be the guide you have been looking for!
(R. Buzdugan, academic researcher (for now :) living in Sacramento, CA).

Belinda has helped me search for my truth, to understand and respect others free will, and most importantly to find my own tribe! Her insights and guidance help to steer you in the right direction for your life.  And she is truly filled with the light and is always willing to teach and share it.
Linda from Bloomfield

Belinda combines the otherworldly and the practical to create a very proactive plan of action. She was there for me through several occasions, but one area in which she helped me in a critical way was finding a direction and making a very difficult decision. I had two weeks to decide whether I would stay in my current city or move back home to take a job offer. She helped me discover my "grit," make a decision, and stick to it. Thanks to her, I am now happily settled with a great job, and now I am a homeowner near the city I had moved. I am very grateful for her help.

Working with Belinda allowed me to realize I was blocking many opportunities in my life from becoming a reality because I did not believe change was possible. She showed me how to revert the negative energy and remain focused on what I did want to achieve by not always giving away my power to others. It is quite interesting to see the growth and change you can experience if you just change your thoughts, remain open to receiving messages and focus your efforts.  When I initially met Belinda almost a year ago, I mentioned that I felt like I was on a hamster wheel in life. Since consulting with Belinda, much of this feeling has changed since she showed me how to let go of the fear and step outside of my comfort zone. Not only is she a great spiritual advisor, but she is a great listener and has helped me believe more in myself and how I can ask others for help too when needed. My experiences working with Belinda have allowed me to grow and change in many aspects of my life which have benefited me greatly.

I am clear and freed up to have full self expression, confidence and health in any situation. The permanent joy and freedom I've experienced working with Belinda is priceless! There's no going backwards with this work!

In the past, I have done a lot of work with different modalities (including Landmark Worldwide, MITT and other modalities) and I have a good foundation on letting go of the past and creating newly. Working with Belinda put all of the knowledge I've gained over the years on fast track, amping up my performance and freeing me up to have available all of the transformational work I've taken on over the years. It really brought everything together for me in many areas. 

I experience a calm, balance and peacefulness that allows me to take head on whatever life brings and create a mindful experience in all situations. If I do get stuck, it's a quick call as I can easily identify where the issue is and Belinda and I go to work to free and heal that area. It is truly remarkable to work with her and get on with life!

Belinda always takes great care and time with her clients. She can confidently guide you through the areas to work on and create new realms of possibility in your life. You're left with space to create newly and confidently without having to "think about how to do something". It just happens. you show up. So many times, after working with Belinda, I'm amazed at the things that show up and it is clearly attributed to the work I do with Belinda.
C.S. (Grand Rapids, MI) 

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